Admired Companies To Watch 2023

The global business landscape has witnessed remarkable growth, fueled by a surge in technological innovations. The inevitable shift to digitalization is opening the scope and spectrum of a new world of opportunities for organizations to grow and maximize impact in the market. The companies that are driving radical innovation and growth by harnessing breakthrough strategies are the ones that are defined as ‘most admired’ within their industry. The current edition of The CEO Views brings to you “Admired Companies To Watch 2023.”


The list highlights the most admired companies in the industry who have successfully pursued disruptive innovations by transforming business models and embracing change. The influences these companies exert over the people and the industries are unimaginably inspiring. Therefore, the enumerated companies aim to assist young entrepreneurs and organizations in accomplishing their goals and strive towards success.

Laurent Bourson,

AXA Insurance Indonesia- A part of the global AXA Group, AXA Indonesia is focused on providing financial and asset
management, medical and general insurance solutions.

Eli Cherkasky,

Exiger- Exiger specializes in providing software and tech-enabled solutions to help corporations, government agencies and banks navigate risk and compliance in their third-parties, supply chains and customers.

Jason Campbell,

FirstLight- FirstLight provides fiber-optic data, Internet, data center, cloud, unified communications, and managed services to enterprise and carrier customers throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

Ketan Kapadia,

Ipseity Security- Ipseity Security provides advisory, consulting, and cyber protection services to help organizations enable secure digital services.

Sherie Mccarty,

Mas Construction Services- MAS Construction Services is a Disadvantage Business Enterprise specializing in HVAC/R construction inclusive of plumbing, building automation ATC/ BMS controls, and commissioning for commercial buildings.

Diane Wang, CEO

MyyShop- MyyShop is a social commerce platform providing extensive tools and resources to help content creators grow their social commerce business.

Jody Richards,

Process Technology- Process Technology is a global, US-based company focused on designing and manufacturing world-class thermal and power supply products.

Nobuo Shigemitsu,

S&techs- S&techs is a full-service Main Contractor specialising in interior fit-out, refurbishment and Out-of Ground construction projects on a Lump Sum, Construction Management and / or Design & Build basis.

Srini Sundararajan,

TeleWorld Solutions- TeleWorld Solutions helps operators make 5G a reality with innovative services and automation tools to speed up and simplify the process.

Jack Waters,
President & CEO

XipLink, Inc.- XipLink delivers the industry’s most advanced bandwidth optimization solutions for use on VSAT, Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) and terrestrial wireless networks.

Leading Companies of the Year 2023

Technology is changing the nature of business. As digitization sweeps across industries, the companies are searching for ways to reshape their business models to adopt to the new market reality. There are some exceptional companies who have emerged as the ‘Leaders’ in the industry with constant innovation, customer satisfaction and operational excellence. With multi-dimensional approach to business, these companies have seized the opportunities of global disruption and accelerated growth. The current edition of the CEO Views brings to you the “Leading Companies to Watch 2023”. The list highlights the leading companies in the industry who have not only disrupted the respective industries but have also proven successful in their quest for innovation and are constantly inspiring the world with their achievements. Therefore, the listed companies aspire to assist young entrepreneurs and organizations in their meaningful journey towards accomplishments and success. 

Bret England, CEO

Calltower is missioned to empower organizations worldwide with the most advanced unified communication and collaboration solutions.

Ankur Ahlowalia,

Korbyt Anywhere is omnichannel communications platform that engages hybrid employees, students, guests and retail customers.

David Michery,
CEO & Founder

Mullen Automotives are missioned to design cleanenergy alternatives that are efficient, economical and easy.

Alice Chang, CEO

Perfect Corp. is the world’s leading beauty tech solutions provider transforming the industry by leveraging the highest level of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for a re-imagined consumer shopping experience.

Claudia Florian,

Transfast Logistics is a leading provider of trustworthy transportation solutions to keep things moving, safely.