Financial institutions are highly aware of the need for artificial intelligence in their industry. In recent years, the emphasis for many companies in the financial sector has been on strengthening their use of AI to provide better services for their customers and improve their financial bottom line.

One fintech, Acrisure, is redefining what an AI strategy can be. Acrisure’s strategy is grounded in an understanding that there is an innate advantage in combining people and technology, especially when it comes to building relationships and trust with customers.

To that end, Acrisure is laser-focused on combining the best of human, emotional intelligence and relationships with the analytical firepower of AI to radically change how it develops and distributes financial products and services.

Record-Breaking Growth & A “Noble Purpose”

Acrisure is a global fintech providing diverse solutions to millions of clients. Current offerings span insurance, reinsurance, real estate services, cyber services, and asset management, with more in development. If you ask Co-Founder, CEO and President, Greg Williams, this passion for what he calls “Limitless” growth comes from his experience as an entrepreneur, and the company’s focus on partnerships.

Entrepreneurs are bold, they take chances, and are committed to better serving clients. Acrisure is unique because we empower entrepreneurs through technology and a ‘limitless’ innovative culture.

Williams identified a glaring flaw in the traditional insurance brokerage M&A model in 2005. He saw a static sector that consisted of many businesses with disconnected data, narrow circles of influence, and structurally high costs across the value chain. He co-founded Acrisure with a simple yet powerful premise: partner with entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses and empower them to innovate through technology.

The company has achieved record-breaking growth and superlative performance:

  • Acrisure’s revenue has grown from $38 million to $3.5 billion in just over eight years
  • Acrisure operates the #1 fastest growing insurance broker in industry history, which today ranks in the top 10 globally
  • Acrisure’s Real Estate Services division, the largest independent unit of its kind, completes approximately 270,000 nationwide closings annually
  • Acrisure’s Cyber Services division combines market-leading cyber coverage, award-winning cyber claims service and free risk management tools

Beyond the numbers, Acrisure is proud of its culture that emphasizes social responsibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and employee engagement. One powerful example of Acrisure’s culture is Evolution Advisors, a joint venture whose Founding Partners include Acrisure, Russell Wilson, Ciara, and Russell Westbrook. The venture has a bold vision focused on the financial services needs of minority-owned businesses and diverse communities. Powered by entrepreneurship, technology, and purpose, Evolution Advisors will provide financial services to underserved communities and build on the charitable and philanthropic efforts of its Founding Partners.

Solutions Powered by Human and AI

Central to Acrisure’s value proposition are AI and technology platforms that benefit both its internal processes as well as its end customers. Williams notes, “Through our technology platforms, Acrisure creates a robust picture of clients and prospects and identifies the best way to meet their needs.” Acrisure’s AI analyzes millions of data points in real-time and translates the data into useful predictions, insights, and choices, so Partners can act with greater precision on behalf of clients.

Today, Acrisure has locations in 10 countries and a global workforce nearing 15,000. The company is constantly looking at ways to maximize this impressive network, and often looks to the capabilities of AI, machine learning and robotic processing to maximize time, effort, and energy – meaning more bandwidth to better serve clients. A case in point is the development of Acrisure Cyber Services, a division offering clients an all-in-one solution addressing the most critical risks posed by cyberattacks.

Says Williams: “As risk advisors to millions of clients, we’ve heard countless times that cyber risk is a present and growing concern. In response, Acrisure Cyber Services delivers a solution for the full spectrum of cyber risk, from insurance to cybersecurity and data recovery.”

Developing solutions based on client needs, distributing those products via an unparalleled network of trusted advisors, and continuously refining and finding opportunities through AI – this is the “Acrisure way” and extends to other divisions of the company.

“Limitless” Possibilities

Acrisure is proof that financial services companies do not have to sacrifice when it comes to the human and AI equation. Together, nearly 15,000 Acrisure colleagues are creating “Limitless” success for clients and transforming the industry one interaction at a time. To learn more about the company’s offerings, visit

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