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The resource of knowledge is the same all across the world, but how you perceive it depends on your overall experiences and beliefs. Josh Christopherson, CEO of Achieve Today, realized this concept a decade back while he was working with

an organization focused on delivering education services. With deeper analysis into the area, he comprehended that to achieve success in life, be it career or self-growth, one needs personalized guidance throughout the journey, starting from education to career. Thus he and his partner, Aaron Peterson, established Achieve Today six years ago focusing on an individual’s primary reasons behind failure, such as lack of belief in self, negative thought patterns and habits. Achieve Today aims to educate individuals on the core principles that could make them successful in life by building self-confidence, rather than just focusing on the financial success of business or career.

With its urge to educate people on how to overcome the limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that shape their world, Achieve Today trains its clients to adjust their internal programming and progress towards success. “It is very important that we believe in ourselves and in what we want to do. That brings a difference in the way we behave in office or with our family, or even how motivated we are to gain success,” says Josh.

Achieve Today’s primary focus during its initial days was to help individuals who wanted to succeed in life, but were struggling with real-life issues in terms of relationship, health, or finance. The company observed that most education providers train people through either online training with plug and play template learning systems, or just focusing on one-on-one education. Achieve Today merged both the aspects of learning to develop a unique platform that also offers mindfulness courses to clear out stress. “We merged AI with HI (human intelligence) to work together seamlessly and balance two different genres of the learning experience,” adds Josh.

“It is very important that we believe in ourselves and in what we want to do because that brings a difference in the way we behave in office or with our family, or how motivated we are to gain success.”

The company developed a learning experience platform (LXP) that offers new courses to its students every week, and every day its internal coaches deliver group coaching via multiple sessions to provide real-life learning. Its module of delivering individual education is the core of Achieve Today’s success. The company has also incorporated an AI coach (CÜE) in its LXP that helps train students between sessions and provides knowledge through audios, videos and texts and interacts just like a human to suggest solutions to deal with every student’s individual problems. Moreover, it is a cloud-based platform so students can access it from anywhere, and has a journaling feature that helps the user to create a roadmap and follow it. The LXP turned out to be a revolutionary disruption in the education industry as only 40% of its competitor company’s student’s stick to their learning platform after a year, while 80% of Achieve Today’s students continue after a year and even throughout their lives. The company now has 30 in-house best in class coaches. It has worked with over a hundred thousand students in 74 countries and almost every day a testimonial or success story is posted online. This learning experience transforms students into ideal employees for companies who are happy and high performing.

Gradually, over the years, Achieve Today started getting queries from organizations about the learning platform, who wanted to deliver education to their employees or direct sales people to make them more efficient at work. Thus, the company expanded its services in the B2B space as well and has helped several organizations achieve a large gain in retention rate and overall employee happiness. Achieve Today has offered its white-label learning experience platform to multiple network marketing companies who use it to teach removing the fear of speaking to others because communication is the key to network marketing. It also guides distributors through a roadmap to help them see success faster. Moreover, in case of any unexpected issue, the AI comes to the rescue, helping them strategize solutions. The Achieve Today LXP is also used in the health care industry by doctors to train their nurses, and by brick and mortar businesses who use it to recruit more, train better, retain longer and be happier in life. “Over 91% of our students in the field of network marketing have said that our LXP has helped them score direct sales. They have gained 38% more revenue and 89% retention rates while the previous retention rate was just 41%,” states Josh.

Achieve Today is continually working on improving its platform and continues to offer its services, even after the breakdown of COVID-19. This is when individuals and organizations are more in need of support that can guide them through the crisis, both in terms of mental support and business planning. It has successfully helped several businesses all over the world in their hour of need when the fear of losing jobs have demotivated many individuals and many organizations are at risk. Achieve Today makes a close observation of every such challenge and helps its clients with strategies to keep their business on track while guiding individuals to overcome fear and create a plan. Companies are also trying to reduce stress within their employees and keep them happy and thus they are reaching out to Achieve Today’s cloud-based learning platform. “The whole purpose of our business is to reduce anxiety within individuals and organizations and help them gain success in life. Our vision is a world without limits, and Achieve Today works towards removing every limit that comes in between our clients and their success,” concludes Josh.

The company recently helped one of its clients who were concerned about their own internal company culture. With Achieves platform they were able to build a sense of community to help their employees calm down during the pandemic, and learn and engage. Working from home created an environment without the normal business culture and solving that was daunting. Achieve Today built the community platform for thousands of employees within a matter of hours. They were given access to the platform that was branded for the clients company. They started delivering messages through the platform and their employees also started using the AI to get suggestions on meditation, job improvement, or mental condition. Results were seen almost immediately.

Moreover, Achieve Today is currently developing code to integrate its new Mentor on Demand™ coaching sessions so that its students can video chat with their coaches individually and get the help they need through video rather than just over the phone or in online classes. The company is also working on real-time AI, for facial recognition and mood analysis of students and how it fluctuates throughout the session. It will use the emotions as feedback to further develop its future AI coaching sessions with CÜE to make it work more like a human coach by recognizing their vocal tones and facial expressions. Moving ahead, Achieve Today believes that its AI will be able to detect human problems automatically just by observing them to provide solutions accordingly.


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