Digital Transformation after COVID-19

Businesses have had to reinvent processes, culture, and customer relationships in the new post-pandemic environment to ensure sustainability and continuous expansion. This has meant a rapid digital transformation for many companies.

Here are a few tips to carry out Digital Transformation in the New Normal in three main business areas:

Business Operations

Whether implementing an online distribution platform, moving your staff to remote work, or rethinking your digital marketing campaigns, you’ve had to rely heavily on technology to introduce changes. Now you have to change your attention to better plan your company for disruptions and growth in the future. Your new strategy should include cautious consideration of how and where your valuable business data are stored so that you can better measure progress towards your goals, assess risks and adopt a proactive, data-driven approach to operations and growth.

To do this operationally, eliminate roadblocks and bottlenecks between teams to accelerate execution and allow for continuous innovation. If you haven’t already implemented an ERP or CRM program in your company, you might consider investing in one to help with that. This kind of simple technology will help speed up digital adoption across the board. When your company faces new challenges and growth, people will be able to adapt and correct the course without wasting time and money. When you invest in this form of a solution, make sure that the solution you choose is easy to use and versatile enough to fulfill your future needs.

Organizational Culture

The “Digital Transformation in the New Normal” for many businesses involves all-remote work with minimal in-person meetings and gatherings. And while we can easily connect and remain productive thanks to a multitude of communication tools, there is something to be said about people coming together in a shared physical space where spontaneous conversations can lead to breakthroughs, creative ideas, and innovative thinking. The business culture does not only move into the digital world or somehow reshape to fit in with the new normal. If you want to keep your staff motivated and empowered, you need to be proactive in restoring your corporate culture and integrating it into your overall strategy.

Customer Relationship

Companies have a fantastic opportunity to increase current customer relationships, test new ideas, and discover new prospects in a crisis and post-crisis recovery time. Find ways to recognize and concentrate on pleasing your clients, and they’ll become the most significant source of new revenue. The chances are that most of your customers now spend much of their time online. Create a digital brand strategy that represents your corporate values, offers useful information for customers, and separates your company from its competitors.


Don’t wait until the economy returns, customers to start buying or life returning to what it was a few months ago. Now is the best time for a proactive approach. Lean on your strategic partners and providers of technology to help you make your digital transformation and plan for future growth. Considering the value of digital transformation, the providers of technology will be on the shortlist of partners. Do not just auto-renew your subscriptions to the app. Get active with your vendors to discuss your priorities and explore strategies for solving your problems. They can also help you decide on strategic digital investments, whether integrating artificial intelligence into your business or launching a website for e-commerce.


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