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In a world where digital transformation has accelerated in the last two years, automation is here to stay. Work load automation saves time, money and can be safer to use. If you are considering changing how things are done in your business, check out the types of automated processes you should (or could) have in place for 2022.

1. Payroll

If you are still manually working out the paychecks, it’s time to move to 2022 and automate. Using an automated payroll system takes a load of pressure off you, calculates pay, and ensures people are paid on time into their bank accounts. It also works out any tax deductions for you so you don’t forget or underpay, and calculates holiday payments and sickness benefits. It is one of the priorities for workload automation as it will save you significant time.

2. Billing

There are good reasons to automate your billing processes. It saves you time but, more importantly, gets your clients billed promptly. By doing this, you ensure there is enough cash flow in your company to make other payments and keep the business able to operate. If the cash flow stops because you are waiting on bills to be paid, you could go out of business. An automated system will also send reminders for payments, saving you the task.

3. Training

Sending employees to a training program is expensive. If you are still using face-to-face training days for mandatory skills such as health and safety, consider automated alternatives. An online program links to your HR records and documents when a worker has completed training. It also sends reminders so you can keep on top of compliance. The training program also updates its content regularly so it remains current and relevant — saving you a huge job.

4. IT Management

IT systems constantly need updating so they remain secure and functional. The risk of cyberattacks is increasing. If you had to manually update your business system it would consume most of your working week. By automating some of the IT management you will get updates done automatically and your system will be as secure as possible. Some automation includes encryption; this is vital if you sell things online as it protects a client’s details. You can also get your emails encrypted as well, giving additional security for sensitive information.

5. Customer Satisfaction

An easy process to automate is customer satisfaction. Although it is automated, it is possible to personalize details and send a short questionnaire after a purchase. It will tell you how good your company is or what needs to change. You can also generate a mailing list for future sales, and offer incentives such as a prize draw to promote something. A mailing list enables you to reach more people and promote your business.

6. Transforming Processes

One of the best uses of automating business practices is to eliminate unnecessary processes. Review one or two of the processes in your business to highlight where there is duplication and eliminate it. You can replace administrative processes with automated transcription services and billing with invoice factoring, for example. There are many solutions out there to make your company more efficient.

7. Customer Support

Customer support takes up a lot of time on the phone, but human contact is something to be valued. You can automate calls and web inquiries with a pre-recorded message. It is particularly useful if you have a limited number of people answering phones. For online support, use a bank of FAQs and an interactive chat tool to field commonly asked questions. By having automated customer support you can remain responsive but cut significant numbers of calls by helping people source answers. It means you can focus on the serious and significant requests for help and save time. You will also get support from people a lot faster.

8. Recruitment of Staff

There are lots of processes involved in recruiting staff from the advert to arranging interviews and security checks. It can be very time-consuming. Automating the process is more efficient, maintains privacy, and is secure. It also appears more professional. You can tailor a system to meet your requirements. Examples include screening questions to check for qualifications or work permits. It also enables you to ensure legislation such as guarding against discrimination is applied. By automating the recruitment system you are also assured that all processes have been followed when appointing new staff.

There are many excellent and innovative ways to start automating your business in 2022. Start with one and you’ll notice the difference immediately. You can then add more and learn from the experience. Your staff will appreciate the change as it frees them up to focus on other things. Start looking at your business today to decide what you can automate.


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