Challenges Faced by HR Teams

The pandemic is almost over. Its unpredictable nature and craziness have faded in most parts of the world. Even though we might never get to see normalcy like before, the most challenging parts of the pandemic are already behind us.

This has left businesses, especially HR teams, with the challenge of figuring out how to make the workplace a better place. They also need to implement mechanisms to address issues brought about by the pandemic.

Here are 5 challenges faced by HR teams in the post-COVID-19 era and how to overcome them:

Working Remotely and Keeping Employees Engaged

One of the biggest challenges faced by HR teams is keeping employees engaged especially when working remotely. The pandemic forced businesses to embrace remote work and have their employees working from home.

This is not going to change even after the pandemic. Remote work is here to stay. However, HR teams need to make sure that their employees are engaged even when working remotely.

They can do that using HR software platforms that foster team connections through things like virtual team building, video chats, and social hours. These platforms can also be used to streamline project management and communication.

Skill Evolution

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how businesses operate. It also led to job losses for many people across the globe. A bigger percentage of these people have already found new jobs while others do not even want to go back to their previous companies.

The affected businesses have also changed. They have realized that they need employees with different skill sets. This has left HR teams with the challenge of dealing with former employees while at the same time trying to fill the new vacancies.

However, all these challenges faced by HR teams can be overcome by supporting the development of their employees. They need to come up with programs that inspire employees to learn new skills while at the same time using the right platforms to hire new ones.

Going Back To Old Times

Employees have started coming back to the office. This is tempting some HR teams to forget about the events brought about by COVID-19 and rekindle the working processes they had before the pandemic.

However, a lot of things happened and people changed within the course of the pandemic. Your employees’ expectations, needs, wants, and perceptions are no longer the same. They see their work lives and workplaces differently.

HR professionals need to come up with mechanisms that embrace the changing requirements of their employees. This might include asking them (the employees) about their preferences and implementing what works for them and the company.

Changing Recruitment Processes

Before the pandemic, most HR teams relied on traditional processes when recruiting and screening potential employees. These processes are not enough to acquire top talent today. Things such as the resume and other recruitment tools have been used for years.

However, HR teams are now forced to implement different recruitment processes. This is a result of things such as remote working and unbinding geographical locations from work brought by the pandemic.

To overcome this challenge, HR teams need to embrace technology through the use of things like virtual interviews. They need to make sure that the process is not only smooth but also transparent. This will also help them meet their diversity requirements.

The Wellbeing of Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a sudden change in how people work. This had an impact on the overall well-being and mental health of employees. This is not to mean that anxiety, stress, and other mental health complications have not existed before.

Employers have always implemented different programs to take care of their employees. On the other hand, employees have always had access to health benefits, security, and flexibility to help with their well-being.

However, with a bigger percentage of employees working remotely, HR professionals need to implement new mechanisms to take care of their employees’ well-being.

They can do that by bringing lifestyle change through technology using applications such as Virtuagym which provides an all-In-one fitness solution for users.

In conclusion, employees are among the most important assets to any company. Since they are taken care of by HR teams, companies need to provide them (the HR teams) with every tool they need. This is vital in helping them overcome the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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