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For the past years, education has been greatly reliant on technology. Much of this technology revolves mainly around creating and disseminating media that facilitates education. Whether it is a piece of writing or visuals, there is software that allows you to work on various media. Some of the most popular ones are the Google open source platforms, Microsoft 365 applications, and Adobe Creative Suite. Some of these technologies are paid, whereas others are free-to-use. Here are some of the must-have software solutions for college students.

1. Google Docs

Known as one of the best browser-based writing applications, Google Docs allows its users to write, edit, suggest, proofread, comment, and more, all in one window. It is a must-have application for students, as it allows you to create, store, and share various files. In addition to the platform’s inbuilt spell-check software and tons of other helpful tools, you can install extensions to help you write the best essays and papers for school. However, if these tools are not enough for you to deliver a stellar paper, TopEssayWriting is always ready to help. This service can write any paper at an affordable cost, ensuring you get a good grade.

2. SketchUp

Anyone in the discipline of engineering or architecture knows how essential qualitative and intuitive 3D design software is. SketchUp allows students to draw sketches by hand and turn them into 3D models. This free software has a simple interface that students can figure out within a few minutes of using it. It is very user-friendly and produces great results. If you are a creative student, you will surely appreciate this software.

3. Quizlet

College students have many lessons to go through. Learners often have to memorize a lot of data, which isn’t always easy. Studies have shown that learning languages using flashcards is a lot more effective than learning from textbooks or via other basic methods. Quizlet provides students with personal learning exercises that they can customize as per their level. Additionally, this free software can be used on a phone.


Compared to all the other video editing software options available in the market, VEED.IO has an easy-to-understand, simple design that gives you the option of editing multiple videos with a variety of features. Mostly used by novices in the field, the software has a free version and a paid version that you can choose from.

5. Blender

Another free 3D-modeling and animation software that boosts creativity in students, Blender allows students to create imaginary worlds within their computers. This collaborative tool makes it easier for students in any creative field to create 3D models of any kind and share them with everyone.


Everyone knows about Photoshop. But what a lot of people don’t know about is GIMP. This impressive photo editing and digital painting software offers Photoshop’s features but for free. Its interface is also designed keeping beginners in mind. One can implement a lot of their student ideas for college projects and personal work on GIMP. The software has a lot of advanced features that can make your work look professional.

7. Audacity

This one is for music lovers. Audacity is a great audio software that college students and other beginners can install for free and edit music on. It also has a great recording option that allows users to record and interlace their audio with existing sounds and music. Aspiring musicians with no money to spend on their passion can install Audacity and work their magic.

8. Canva

Known as one of the most popular tools for students all across the world, Canva is a versatile graphic design platform that allows its users to create powerful designs using pre-existing templates or start from scratch. Unlike Adobe applications, you will not have to install heavy software onto your computer or pay a whole amount of monthly subscription fees to use Canva.

9. Motion

Described as a “study partner” whose sole purpose is to keep students from getting distracted while studying, Motion allows students to restrict notifications from certain websites and apps to help them learn with concentration. It keeps students motivated and focused with its smart and efficient notification-restricting software.

10. Evernote

Created as an organization software for students to use, Evernote is a note-taking application for students attending lectures and classes. It allows them to classify and compile these notes neatly to be able to access them with ease in the future.


In today’s internet-focused world, you will find everything you need to make your student life easier. Spend time understanding what you require from technology and make a list of the points you need to focus on. Set clear and practical study goals and use smart software to assist you with learning. Best of luck!

Author’s Bio – Mark Wooten

Mark Wooten is an educator and writer with years of writing experience. His magazine articles and newspaper columns delve into the entry of technology in the world of education. Edtech is an area a lot of his work focuses on, and he aims to help students and teachers with it.


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