Ivana Bartoletti

Business Leaders Have A Key Role To Play In Unlocking Opportunities From The Growing Focus On Data Privacy

Although it was the culmination of several years’ work, the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May this year should be seen as the beginning

Jay klein, Voyager Labs

Authentic AI, Voyager Labs

Investment in AI is on the rise and buzz is at an all-time high. But AI adoption by sectors outside the digital frontier is still in its early days. In general, few companies have incorporated AI into their value chains at scale; a majority of companies are still in experimental or pilot phases. According to a McKinsey State of AI discussion paper

Mark Rees, COO

AI – Expanding Avenues to Cater Security Concerns

AI – Expanding Avenues to Cater Security Concerns By Mark Rees, COO “Within the next 10 to 50 years artificial intelligence systems will have been

Azita Martin

How to Get Started With AI to Demonstrate Business Value In Months

How to Get Started With AI to Demonstrate Business Value In Months Common Best Practices in Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence

Josh Ziegler, Zumata

Zumata: Spearheading Revolution of AI in the Travel Sphere

Zumata: Spearheading Revolution of AI in the Travel Sphere Travelling today has become a common phenomenon.

Andy Gray

KORTICAL: Nurturing tomorrow’s AI Driven Initiatives

KORTICAL:  Nurturing tomorrow’s AI Driven Initiatives Today as automation is accelerating at a pace never imagined before.

Anukool lakhina, Guavus

Guavus: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Help Customers Realize Quick Value

Today, data accumulation is surging at an unimaginable rate. The year 2018 is witnessing an explosion of data rise in storage driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other similar forms such as Machine Learning (ML), etc.

Jack Golabek, AIM

AIM: Benchmarking AI in Cancer Care

The revolution of AI has been one of the most exciting in the recent days, and AI in medicine has been ringing the bell for a greater future ahead of human lives.

Jean Innes

Data Science and AI: Rebuild your Ground for Real Business Gains

Data is to the modern world what oil was to the 19th century – an extraordinary resource which can make winners of those who learn how to exploit it effectively.


Understanding Big Data in Healthcare

Big data is no longer a speculation of things to come, but integral to almost every aspect of every business in today’s economy. Collecting information is only the beginning.

Data Driven Marketing

The New 4 Ps of Data Driven Marketing

New technologies have put customers in the driver’s seat of the marketplace — giving them power over which brands sink or swim in the digital age.

Rob-Bearen, CEO

Hortonworks: Security, Through the Lense of Data Science

If you are a business leader, you are well aware that the challenges of information security have never been more daunting.


Duo Security: Establishing Trust Amid Constantly Advancing Threats

Organizations today are grappling with the challenge to protect sensitive data within and outside their traditional corporate network.

Dennis Monner, CEO

Secucloud: Building the Security Paradigm

There is no surprise that cloud has taken over the technology industry by storm.