GateHouse Telecom develops an interface for universal satcom

Telecom develops

GateHouse Telecom, a satellite industry software provider, has revealed that it is developing a technology that will enable multiple satellite systems to be used by a single physical satcom terminal.

The company is developing a new interface to enable users to run different satellite services on the same satcom terminal hardware and interface.Svend Holme Sørensen, GateHouse Telecom Product Manager, said the project reflects the firm’s belief that a universal satcom application interface is needed.

“User terminals must adapt to changes in data routing and frequent satellite changes in order to remain connected,” he said.

“Our new software platform, combined with the increasing availability of multi – service antenna systems based on software – defined radio hardware, opens the possibility to operate terminals on multiple satellite systems.”

Such demand seemed to be reflected in discussions at this year’s Silicon Valley SmallSat Symposium.

“For example, software – defined networks, there seems to be a general desire to run satellite constellations using network management functions. This type of functionality, however, goes beyond the current protocol specifications used today.”

Using the same hardware terminal for multiple satellite systems would allow developers and engineers to bring down user terminal costs by increasing volumes to improve business cases.


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