Authentic AI, Voyager Labs

Authentic AI Investment in AI is on the rise and buzz is at an all-time high. But AI adoption by sectors outside the digital frontier is still in its early days. In general, few companies have incorporated AI into their value chains at scale; a majority of companies are still in experimental or pilot phases. […]

AI – Expanding Avenues to Cater Security Concerns

AI – Expanding Avenues to Cater Security Concerns By Mark Rees, COO “Within the next 10 to 50 years artificial intelligence systems will have been developed, that will not only be more intelligent than humans but also exhibit a significant number of advantages; they will be faster, more reliable, quicker to learn and more robust.”Prophetic […]

Zumata: Spearheading Revolution of AI in the Travel Sphere

Zumata: Spearheading Revolution of AI in the Travel Sphere Travelling today has become a common phenomenon. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, nature lovers, and explorers are always on the lookout for easy and seamless travel experiences considering their daunting and dynamic schedule. Planning such travels on a frequent basis can be hugely demanding and overwhelming. With the advent […]

Understanding Big Data in Healthcare

By Jeff Saffer, President & CEO, Quertle, LLC Big data is no longer a speculation of things to come, but integral to almost every aspect of every business in today’s economy. Collecting information is only the beginning. Using it effectively will be the key differentiator for a successful business. In the healthcare sector, the significance […]

The New 4 Ps of Data Driven Marketing

New technologies have put customers in the driver’s seat of the marketplace — giving them power over which brands sink or swim in the digital age. On the 200th birth anniversary year of Karl Marx I dare to take little inspiration from his theory of Dialectical Materialism to set a context to the data driven […]