Authentic AI, Voyager Labs

Authentic AI Investment in AI is on the rise and buzz is at an all-time high. But AI adoption by sectors outside the digital frontier is still in its early days. In general, few companies have incorporated AI into their value chains at scale; a majority of companies are still in experimental or pilot phases. […]

5 ways chatbots can transform customer care services in banking

5 ways chatbots can transform customer care services in banking The banking sector in India has evolved itself extensively by incorporating technologically advanced services such as cloud computing and self-service kiosks. This has not only allowed the sector to enhance the efficiency and quality of its services, but also helped financial corporations save a considerable […]

AI – Expanding Avenues to Cater Security Concerns

AI – Expanding Avenues to Cater Security Concerns By Mark Rees, COO “Within the next 10 to 50 years artificial intelligence systems will have been developed, that will not only be more intelligent than humans but also exhibit a significant number of advantages; they will be faster, more reliable, quicker to learn and more robust.”Prophetic […]

The Impact of AI within the ETF Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) keeps to bring together its presence inside the course of international industries, so its development into the asset manage region is only natural. But AI may be understood in a specific manner with the useful resource of one-of-a-type human beings, so definitions are vital. One must consider AI as a subject in […]

All it Takes is a Simple Brain Scan to Measure your IQ

Scientists have advanced an artificial intelligence machine that could inform how clever a person is simply with the useful resource of the usage of searching at a scan of the individual’s mind. Researchers from California Institute of Technology, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the University of Salerno inside the US display that their new computing tool […]

AI: Measuring the Power of Hype Vs Reality

For those lucky sufficient to get in, the UAE AI Summer Camp that begins on Sunday and runs via the summer time may nicely display a transformative experience. Funded by way of manner of the Ministry of State for Artificial Intelligence Office and with audio machine from the likes of Microsoft and IBM, and aimed […]

Big Data in Healthcare, a Pure Win-Win Situation

By 2020, one third of the digital world will be engulfed by data. It’s a known fact that the vast amount of data that is available today is unstructured. Constant churning, segmentation and characterization of such data will lead to Metadata, which is one of the dynamic and most demanding data segments today. Especially in […]

The Rise and Rise of Big Data Analytics

Big Data has been one of those tech trends which has constantly elevated in terms of growth and evolution. Perhaps after cloud, Big data has been the single largest influencer for organizations across diverse sectors in terms of decision making and is identified as a propeller of growth. To substantiate its impact, by the end […]

Current Trends in Security domain

Growing challenges Assumption that our webs, networks, software, and hardware can be protected is disillusionment. Smart trends are really worrisome as hackers have improved tactics and processes to overcome the security firewalls. Experts are putting conditional explanations. As the growth of web world is helping the world to grow, it is creating a parallel risk […]