Artificial intelligence films can be made and film directors replaced

Artificial intelligence

I personally love what Victor Frankenstein is trying to do (although it meets a terrible end), but I have to admit how frightening this era of technological development is. In the field of artificial intelligence, humans are forging ahead, quickly replacing manpower as we switch for a number of tasks from manual to automatic.

Robots already power our homes, work in our laboratories, pick our songs, and now they’re going to direct our films.

Next, artificial intelligence is all set to take on major filmmaking roles. Animation will soon incorporate what started with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Animation and visual effects company Animal Logic is trying its hands on artificial intelligence and machine learning, according to a report in Financial Review.

Among other things, the company has done animation under its belt for Captain Marvel, The Lego Movie and Peter Rabbit. And now they plan to hand the tasks over to A.I. It will do what every ambitious piece of tech is designed to do ; cut labor and leave more challenging projects with human resources.

I have a lot of questions about how this will work out for one. As it turns out, there’s a movie that explains what’s going to happen if we leave the robots to make movies.

More Human Than Human is about a director building a robot to replace himself. The documentary is about whether people will be redundant when A.I takes over.

You also transfer an authorial voice when you hand over your creative thought to artificial intelligence. How do you wonder? Well, teaching machines would have to start. Artists would need what they know and what they need to tech machines. Machine models will then take over the task and create animation to pick and choose from the human resource.

While the maker of Animal Logic claims that artists are not going to lose their jobs, it is only a matter of time before we begin to prefer machines to humans. For now, A.I will be handed over only the laborious, quantitative tasks, but the work looks pretty ‘ sci – fi ‘ for us.


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