5 Healthcare technology trends that will disrupt 2019


The emergence of tech – based startups is taking Indian Startup ecosystem to several levels in a whole lot of action, also marking its presence in the healthcare industry.

Every part of healthcare today recognizes innovation, and more than ever, through digital platforms, we see priority being given to streamlined processes. The explosion of mobile health technology allows for the creation and analysis of information in real time.

1. AI in Healthcare – Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly sophisticated when it comes to doing what humans are doing, except that it is more efficient, faster and costly. AI has also become part of the healthcare ecosystem, where it has very vast potential, not only our day – to – day activities. With an accuracy of 99 percent, AI is already being used to detect diseases such as cancer at an earlier stage. In the coming times, AI will enhance the ability of health care professionals to better understand the daily patterns and needs of the people they care for and assist them in providing better feedback, guidance and support for their health care.

2. Video and Voice Calling- There are patients everywhere, but there are no doctors. It could be a burden for you and the doctor to reach out to your doctor for consultation in every field at the same time, both considering time management. Health care providers are now responding and providing regular medical routine checkups faster and more conveniently with the help of video or voice calls. Sometimes reading the report’s description is never satisfactory except talking to their doctors and consulting on the same. Video calling here gives patients confidence.

3. Digital Nurse – After every interval, people have to go to see their doctors to consult on the as smaller topic as details of the blood report. Today’s technology has made sharing the data and reports online with their doctors easier for them, again with no extra time involved. Such companies in HealthTech act as a digital nurse and also help their patients with their doctors to have a complete track of their activities. It helps monitor the condition of the follow – up and follow – up treatments between visits to doctors

4. Focus on Wellness – The fast – moving working environment and busy life have made individuals unaware of their own health. Through a single click of their mobile phones, HealthTech startups come to their rescue by providing maximum health care information and treatment. In order to allow them to consult their doctors on the go, the option will be highly accepted among the working professionals.

5. Diseases Centric Treatment – People prefer to go to their doctor in the family or the doctor they regularly see for any kind of problem. But every doctor has a specialized field and can’t really cure all the problems for which you’re going to them. The advancement of technology in the healthcare industry will make it easier for doctors to stay internally connected to various doctors and hospitals in order to facilitate reference. Keeping the diseases in mind, doctors could help their patients reach the doctors with the expertise of the disease, regardless of distance and personal relationships.


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